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© 2019 by DANCECLASS LLC in New York, NY

your game-plan on & off the dance floor

Hier gibt's gerade nichts zu buchen
Hier gibt's gerade nichts zu buchen

In the age of online dating and social media dominated communication, there is a constant struggle to figure out what to do when you actually meet. Then there are those weddings and fancy galas that are theoretically fun, especially when you are in your early twenties and your buddies are the core of your idea of social interaction. Now the buddies are dating or are married.. or asking you how you did all that.  Yet, wouldn't it be great to ask the lady to dance? Whether you know her or aim to get to know her, being able to impress with your skills and manners on the dance floor might be "the move" you always needed. Yes everyone can dance by themselves, yet the ability to lead and be confident in your skills comes only with knowledge and practice. So our founder Olga Nesterova, as a multiple World Champion dance pro and a coach of so many couples and singles in Europe and United States that we honestly wouldn't be able to give you a precise number, have put together a class series to help you become "the man with the plan". Plus, the core team dancers of ProAmDanceTeam will be helping me as potentially your dance partners. This is a no judgement zone for guys only determined to get you on your feet and boost your confidence. Check it out, perhaps this would be your game changer.

Classes are hosted at privately rented studios on 321 West 44th Street, Suite #202, New York, NY 10036

Per online registration only, first come - first served policy, 24h cancellation.