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© 2019 by DANCECLASS LLC in New York, NY

Prepare your wedding dance or learn some simple moves with World Champion instructor and the expert when it comes to teaching absolute beginners and making everyone feel at ease.

Enjoy the best wedding dance deals for a couple looking for professional, efficient and exciting wedding dance instruction by internationally licensed world champion coach and instructor. Being chosen best on Thumbtack for years in a row, Olga Nesterova has prepared hundreds of couples for the day of their lives. From walking out on the dance floor to finishing your dance with a beautiful "dip", she will make sure you are best prepared. Olga will guide you with the tips on adjusting your moves to the attire making sure you are absolutely stress free and can enjoy the day you've been waiting for. Get ready to simply dance - either something truly easy and effortless or a soulful custom-made dance taught in an empathic, encouraging and highly professional way.

Explore the 3 Wedding Dance Programs and book your FREE Facetime Introductory Meetup today.

Step One
Please schedule a FREE Facetime/Skype/Google Hangout Introductory Session to meet your teacher, clarify your goals, preferences, vision and any special requests, so your teacher can give you personal recommendations and present a perfect plan that would fit your vision, schedule and budget.
Would like to meet in person? Then choose an Intro In-Studio Session and come in for a half hour class to learn a few steps alongside with everything described above.
Please prepare any questions and requests for your instructor, schedule the best time/day for the call and LEAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AT REGISTRATION. Introductory Meetups ...
Introductory Facetime Session
15 Min
30 Min Private Intro Session to determine the best way to prepare for your wedding dance, select music, choose a schedule and learn a few basic moves as a preview. Not lo...
Introductory In-Studio Session
30 Min
Step Two
Let's decide whether you are able to attend classes in our privately rented studio on 244 W 54th St in Manhattan, have a studio at your place or would love to have a class online? Hint: if your commute is "doable", it is recommended to consider classes at the studio for more efficient practice. If you live outside the city - online classes are a great choice! You save on travel, but make sure to have enough space to move when taking a class via livestream.
Step Three
Let's see how many classes you can realistically fit in your schedule and budget. Check the three programs below or choose a single session, if you are running short on time. Hint: if you are planning on having more than 2 sessions, our packages are much cheaper choice. Also remember, if you have any questions, please schedule the Facetime Meetup so we can help you in person or e-mail us - info@danceclass.today
Private lesson for 1 or 2 students. Private studio rental is included.
Private Lesson In Studio
1 h
Private lesson for 1-2 students. Please request the time you prefer at sign up and the instructor will get to you at max within 12 hours upon booking. Indicate the goal o...
Live Private Lesson Online
1 h
3 - Class Pack
perfect for a couple looking to learn few moves and be comfortable to lead & follow and feel at ease dancing at the wedding to a song of choice
ALSO recommended as a father-daughter dance program
3 private lessons for 1 or 2 students. Private studio rental is included. $80/h including tax, processing fee
Private 3-Pack
1 h
5 - Class Pack
great for for practicing an easy custom-made wedding dance to one song, learning the moves, lead & follow, working on posture and position making sure you feel at ease and completely ready
5 private lessons for 1 or 2 students. Private studio rental is included. $75/h including tax, processing fee
Private 5-Pack
1 h
10 - Class Pack
perfect for designing a beautiful one-of-a-kind wedding dance to one or more songs of choice including lifts or any more demanding moves, lead & follow, working on posture and position and practicing the dance to perfection
10 private lessons for 1 or 2 students. Private studio rental is included. $70/h including tax, processing fee
Private 10-Pack
1 h

Olga Nesterova is the founder and owner of DanceClass LLC.


She is known for being one of the few down-to-Earth world-class level instructors whose motivation is to encourage students and make their learning process as easy and as fun as possible regardless of student's age or level of experience - you  are promised to leave each class with a feeling of accomplishment motivated to give your moves a try - at a show, social dance, wedding or dance competition.

Olga is an internationally acknowledged Latin and Ballroom dance performer and internationally licensed instructor. She began her dance career at the age of 6 y.o. in her native country Ukraine where she quickly became National Champion.

Upon invitation she moved to Germany in the year 2000 representing the country at the highest level in Latin, Ballroom and 10-Dance winning National Championships, World Championships and the most prestigious international championships such as German Open and Blackpool Dance Festival. She became internationally licensed dance instructor in the year 2005 and since then has won major popularity among her young and adult students in Europe and the United States. Besides holding three University Degrees in Law, Political Science, and Business Management, Olga stays loyal to her passion of ballroom dance and is very encouraged to pass it on to her students.  

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DanceClass believes in a safe and welcoming environment for students and instructors. We do not allow any type of harassment, sexual advances or discrimination. DanceClass employees have the right to refuse to continue any classes based on the reasons listed above at any moment with no refund.